About Us

Hi there, we are Facundo and Javier and we started Lagers & Ales at the end of 2021 with the intention of answering all of your homebrewing questions and to give you advice on how to brew higher-quality beer, what mistakes to avoid, what equipment to get and, just as importantly, the equipment you should not get, and more.

Facundo is an enthusiast homebrewer that simply finds the craft interesting and who loves beer and who prefers making his own instead of buying beer at the store.

Javier, on the other hand, is a professional brewer who has been running the Munich branch of the Augustiner brewery in Germany (the oldest brewery in Munich, founded in 1328) and who knows everything there is to know about beer, be it from an industrial or homebrewing standpoint.

Our email address is lagersandal[email protected] and you may contact us if you have any questions!

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